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Coming from a family business growing and commercializing apples in the Loire Valley – always at the leading edge of innovation – Innatis became the biggest private player of its sector.

Since 1954, Innatis based in Ecouflant, in the Loire Valley, quickly grew by acquiring orchards, (cold) storage companies, packing stations, business units and research labs in multiple French regions as well as overseas. Innatis kept its roots and family spirit thanks to the complete autonomy of all its subsidiaries and its stakeholders’ dynamism.

Values & Commitments


Since the late fifties, INNATIS has been dedicated to deliver quality and healthy produce complemented by adequate certifications and labels. Today, its fruits are the real outcome of its teams’ expertise, their precise knowledge of Nature, and the care brought to their fruit trees throughout every season.

Human values are a key stake in our companies. Recognizing and highlighting the men and women, their key impact on the company’s capital, as well as their invaluable expertise is something that we always strive for.

Our agricultural expertise mixed with our fruit arboriculture “know-how” gives us a worldwide leadership position. Our techniques are exported abroad in numerous locations in both the North and South Hemispheres. Our farming methods and our requirements are closely monitored and regularly controlled by external organisms that certify our excellence in our field.


At INNATIS, surpassing and expressing one’s creativity is a mindset. In a worldwide context, where fruit are eaten and enjoyed in all languages, INNATIS is smartly adapting itself  to keep on surprising growers and apples fans. Highly innovative, INNATIS successes with nuggets, thanks to meticulous adjustments.

INNATIS prides itself with first-hand expertise in regards to innovation and R&D investments to improve its fruit and variety range. The result of this relentless strive for innovation materialized itself with the advent and introduction to the marketplace of HoneyCrunch®.


At INNATIS, the quality of our fruits is the result from numerous interactions and a close collaboration with Nature to cleverly build tomorrow’s world, answer new tasting cravings, as well as the wish to enjoy healthy and environmentally friendly produce.

The notion of “terroir” (local land conservation) and the constant strive to balance taste in our fruits, pushed us toward introducing sustainable agricultural practices. At INNATIS, we all are sensitive to our surrounding environment, which is why we are closely working with other key players of the sustainable development industry. As a matter of fact, we use as many renewable energy sources as possible to support our activity, and we make sure that those other partners are adhering to our corporate policies toward sustainable development.

We always have been engaged actors to reduce the environmental footprint that our activities yield. This commitment is materialized by concrete actions in our orchards, packing stations, as well as different transportation means (i.e. rail-road-sea) that we chose to deliver our merchandise with. We also introduced a company-wide plan to shrink our carbon footprint.


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