President Innatis

Coming from a family business growing and commercializing apples in the Loire Valley – always at the leading edge of innovation – Innatis became the biggest private player of its sector.

Since 1954, Innatis based in Ecouflant, in the Loire Valley, quickly grew by acquiring orchards, (cold) storage companies, packing stations, business units and research labs in multiple French regions as well as overseas. Innatis kept its roots and family spirit thanks to the complete autonomy of all its subsidiaries and its stakeholders’ dynamism.

History & Key Figures



1960 first harvest

End of the fifties: Pomanjou was born after two pioneers families got together

  • 1960 : first harvest and inauguration of the first fruit station
  • 1961 : first French apple exportations towards Great Britain
  • 1963 : Pomanjou introduces the Granny Smith apple and becomes first producer of this variety in the North Hemisphere
  • 1969 : installation of the first water-driven pre-grading line in the world
  • 1973 : Dipra is founded to focus on exporting fruit overseas
  • 1975 : first French exportations towards the Middle East
  • 1980 : installation of the first electronic pre-grading line with colour picking in Europe
  • 1988 : LPC is founded, an innovative pre-packing company, and TASC, a company that established the first ripeness research laboratory in France
  • 1992 : installation of a brand new electronic pre-grading line, the biggest one in the world at the time
  • 1999 : acquisition of the exclusive European exploitation license for the HoneyCrunch® variety
  • 2000 : HoneyCrunch® commercial launch and creation of Pomanjou Sélections
  • 2002 : acquisition and merger with Pomintersarl, overseas export specialist
  • 2004 : acquisition and merger with Cardell, located in South of France, growing and commercializing exclusive licensed varieties such as PinkLady® and Joya®.
  • 2008 : Cardell export becomes the exclusive seller of Juliet®, first apple in the world to be solely produced following organic agriculture principles
  • 2012 : Pomanjou pioneers and installs reflecting canvas in its orchards to help with coloration
  • 2013 : Pominter contributes to sustainable development while using innovative transportation methods such as rail-road to reduce its CO2 footprint.
  • 2015: Comimpex joins Innatis.
  • 2016: Les Vergers Launay joins Innatis.
  • 2016: Pomanjou Group changes identity and becomes Innatis.

Still to this day INNATIS innovates and gets ready for tomorrow’s advancements that will enable us to always have the edge over our competition.


First storage unit


First overseas exports