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Innatis strives to keep an environmentally respectful course of action in all its production processes throughout the channel.

The benefits of our expertise in our organic agriculture, our cultural methods, and our fruit stations, as well as our commercial offices, is progressing year over year to make sure we can best serve our customers and our suppliers. For the sake of relevance to external parties and internal improvement, our quality control services are auditing our processes throughout the seasons.

Quality control & assurance


The quality control & assurance workflows and mechanisms we established years ago allowed us to significantly improve the quality of our offerings and allowed us to reach high-end marketplaces with stringent requirements and very little tolerance for default and imperfection.

This approach reaches the entirety of our subsidiaries that either produce and/or commercialize our fruits. If they have an immediate effect on our work ethics, they – first and foremost – allow us to guarantee our customers a total dietary safety, thanks to our cultural know-how combined with our relentlessly controlled traceability.

GlobalGap is the international standard for good agricultural practices that guarantee a healthy and sustainable food, produced by passionate farmers, for consumers all over the world.

Agriculture Biologique is the standard that guarantee a quality tied to production mechanisms that are sustainable and environmentally proven.

BRC (British Retail Consortium) et IFS (International Featured Standard Broker).

Those certifications are frames of reference that allow us to:

  • Supply quality & healthy products to customers.
  • Guarantee food safety to distributors.
  • Adhere to health & hygiene requirements from the community.




All of our orchards are labelled Vergers Ecoresponsables. It certifies that our orchards are adhering and respecting the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) charter.




Organic agriculture

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Global G.A.P.


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Pack-house quality control

Pack-house quality control