President Innatis

Historically, Innatis’ production site has been the Loire Valley, near Angers. Ever since, we’ve been developing orchards in the South East and South West of France.

Our orchards and fruit stations are always seeking for innovating ideas to materialize. Each year, we dedicate a significant budget to make sure our infrastructures are up to speed and sport the most up-to-date processes to improve our efficiency.


Our orchard’s managers and technicians bring a particular detailed attention to develop, validate and introduce new methods – always more innovative than the preceding – to improve our efficiency and shrink the environmental impact of our activity.

We differentiate ourselves by producing and bringing to market new varieties and new avant-garde farming techniques: intensive orchards, human-sized (“pedestrian”) orchard, the “fruit wall”, arched branches, reflecting canvas, organic orchards, etc. The better part of our varieties are under our commercial control and well adapted to our production regions. All our orchards adhere to strict specifications and requirements, followed by quality and environmental certifications that are audited on a reoccurring basis to ensure complete traceability.

Our growing methods are adapted to each production regions and its specificities. Therefore, in the South of France, we put the emphasis on the “arched” technique that prevents the tree from stress and being trimmed. It also allows the fruits to grow earlier and quicker. In the Loire Valley, we use a different method called the “fruit wall” that consists in trimming the trees mechanically to allow for a higher fruit density, easier access to light for coloration, and easier access to the fruit to harvest them. Each technique has its benefits that are closely tied to the region where the apples are grown and harvested.




All of our orchards are labelled Vergers Ecoresponsables. It certifies that our orchards are adhering and respecting the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) charter.




Jean-Marc ROUX Mourgues orchard

Young HoneyCrunch® “fruit wall”

The “fruit wall”

HoneyCrunch® orchard with reflecting canvas

Hail net

Hail net

train cueillette

Mechanised harvest and pallox carrier

Jeune verger avec branches arquées

Young orchard with arched branches