François RICHARD
Orchards Director

Our orchards have always been innovative thanks to their unique and new varieties.

It never simplified our technicians and culture managers’ work, but those challenges got us used to work with nature and all its constraints, but especially its strengths that allow us – no matter the variety or the location – to be able to produce the best fruits independent of the weather.


Our Exclusives

All our apples – exclusives or not – are produced in specific regions (“terroirs”); in France’s most widely renowned fruit-producing regions: the Loire Valley, the South East, and South West.

We developed, put together and validated, with the help of our technicians and orchards & fruit stations managers, our own methods to grow, store, pack, and sell, following specific processes uniquely designed to suit each variety’s characteristics. This allows Innatis to be able to bring to market a wide range of apple varieties that can suit everybody’s tastes from the widely-known traditional varieties all the way up to our exclusive varieties such as Honey Crunch®, Joya®, Juliet®, LoliPop® and Pink Lady®.