Quality Engineer

Innatis strives to keep an environmentally respectful course of action in all its production processes throughout the channel.

The benefits of our expertise in our organic agriculture, our cultural methods, and our fruit stations, as well as our commercial offices, is progressing year over year to make sure we can best serve our customers and our suppliers. For the sake of relevance to external parties and internal improvement, our quality control services are auditing our processes throughout the seasons.


INNATIS heavily invests to shrink its professional activities’ impact on the environment. Each year, we dedicate important budgets to make sure we stay on top of the innovations in our field and implement newly proven breakthrough. INNATIS also strives, as often as possible, to vet and spread innovations that were born and grown in-house. This dedication to heavily invest towards sustainable development enabled to revolutionize our work methods to have a positive impact on the environment.

One of the best results of this corporate strategy was the successful development and launch of the first apple variety in the world to be exclusively produced using organic agriculture techniques: the Juliet®.

Another striking example is the use of sustainable trapping mechanisms that allows orchards’ managers’ to determine the best time to treat the fruits – based on the quantity, frequency and type of trapped insects – instead of repeating old well-established patterns and wasting goods. This allows us to be much more efficient, reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, and offer customers the best apple there is.




All of our orchards are labelled Vergers Ecoresponsables. It certifies that our orchards are adhering and respecting the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) charter.




Juliet® apple


Annual pre-harvest orchard visit


ladybug fighting aphids

Harvest with manual pallox carrier

Harvest with manual pallox carrier

Fighting insects with nest boxes

Fighting insects with nest boxes

Biodegradable rope

Biodegradable rope